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 Inter-School Events
  South Point School
Come winter and it is time for South Point School to host Ullas, the Inter-School Competition for junior students. It is held over two days and the range of activities is highly enjoyable. The children impress all with their skills in events, with names such as Razzmatazz, Kwizwiz, Bohurupee, Geetotsav. Ullas certainly lives up to its name – it is a great occasion to cheer!
Inter-School Events - Ullas Inter-School Events - Ullas
  South Point High School
  Five Inter-School events take place under the aegis of the M. P. Birla Smarak Kosh (South Point) and hosted by South Point High School. They provide a most vibrant platform to explore various creative and performing talents of Pointers as well as students from other schools. Winners lift the M. P. Birla Trophy along with cash prizes.
Q-Point, Inter-School Quiz Competition
  A popular tryst for school quizzards, Q-point draws the best from participants who strive to outwit each other in prelims and over various rounds in the finals.
Q-Point:Inter-School Quiz Competition Q-Point:Inter-School Quiz Competition
Masquerade, Inter-School One-Act Play Competition
  A feast of original one-act plays, displaying histrionics at its best from school students, Masquerade presents an impressive array of themes. Judges, always eminent theatre practitioners, find choosing the best a difficult job.
Masquerade:Inter-School One-Act Play Competition Masquerade:Inter-School One-Act Play Competition
Satrangi, Inter-School Singing Competition
  This event showcases the musical talent of Pointers and other youngsters. It is moderated by a noted, popular singer and judged by stalwarts from various fields of music. Every year, we marvel at the burgeoning number of extraordinary vocalists.
Satrangi:Inter-School Singing Competition Satrangi:Inter-School Singing Competition
Perceptum, Inter-School Open Essay Competition
  It is held in both English, Bengali and Hindi in two categories, meant for Classes IX and X as well as Classes XI and XII. The participants show an impressive flair for writing on many a contemporary issue.
Chessmate, Inter-School Chess Championship
  The newest entrant in the Kosh events, Chessmate is held in association with the Alekhine Club. It is played in five rounds under the FIDE rules, in accordance with the Swiss League. The enthusiasm among the participants of this mind-game is most palpable.
Chessmate:Inter-School Chess Championship Chessmate:Inter-School Chess Championship